Sunday, November 25, 2007

Facebook Cat Applications

Here are some of my favorite Facebook Cat Applications.
If you don't have facebook, signup here: Facebook

How to "Kiss" a Cat

  1. Hold eye contact with your cat.
  2. In your head say "I" then slowly blink but while your eyes are closed, in your head say "love", then open them and in your head say "you".
  3. So you're basically saying "I Love You" in your mind while doing a blink to the cat but almost telepathically in some sort.
  4. Cats have sixth sense which enables them to sense danger, sense how you feel, and what not. The cats can sense the cat kiss and do it every day for your cat and it will make them happy!

Funny Cat Links

Here are a few funny cat picture website links:

About MY Cat

I'd like to tell you about MY cat. I have a cat named Blacko. Now Blacko is used as my profile picture, since I'm writing from his perspective. Anyhow...this cat is about 28lbs, he's 14 years old, and he's an only child. I had 3 cats total, but 2 of them sadly passed away from fatty cat liver disease(fat cat disease). As you can see, Blacko is very large for a cat, but he likes it that way. This cat has always been faithful to me and my family and we treat him with the utter most respect and we care for him all of the time. I love this cat and he shall always remain faithful to me.

Blog About Cats

I've decided that my love for cats has become incredibly enormous and almost preposterous at some level, so I made this blog. This blog will be all about cats, what I know about cats, taking care of your cat, pictures of cats, basically...anything and everything that has to do with cats. I love cats and this shows it!